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Something Awesome is Coming Soon...Mykonos Drone Services!

Mykonos Drone provides professional drone services in Mykonos, Santorini and many other locations in Greece. From event/wedding coverage to aerial real estate/villas photography, Aerial Cinematography, Aerial Landscape Photography & Multimedia Production in Full HD and Ultra HD 4K videos. You can get the full package of land-based and aerial footage through our trusted partners.

Mykonos Drone Photography services are available from April until October, we look forward to helping you capture the best aerial photos and videos for your event or party in Mykonos.

Aerial Photography for villas and hotels or any kind of business establishment in Mykonos is available as well.

For any enquiry concerning Drone services in Mykonos or other islands, Please call or text us at  +30 6948178281 (whatsApp & viber) You can also email us at:


Please use the contact form below to send your enquiry to the best drone pilots ever lived :P

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